Where do I even begin.

No, Seriously… Where?!

Like many people who enjoy escaping the harsh reality of life, jumping into fantastic worlds of adventure and discovery, I too own a lot of video games.
A lot of untouched video games it would seem, all sitting on a shelf waiting to be enjoyed. They’ve been waiting far too long. The time has come to take action and fight back my unnervingly large pile of games!

That’s where this series of blog posts come in, I hope… maybe.
As I work my way through my unloved collection I will keep anyone bothered to read updated on my progress and, if I can fathom enough energy not already spent on playing the games, will write the odd review. Or at least my impressions of some of the games.
Might even do a video or two! Howbow dah?

Nobody likes a list so i’m just going to say I own around 300ish games, spanning pretty much every platform. A sad 164..ish of those are un-played or ‘1 mission in’. *gulp*

Not even all of them…

So where do I begin? I think I’ll start with something recent and with a nice short story mode to get me started. Hello Battlefield 1!